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TORI Token: Empowering the Teritori Ecosystem

Initial Token Supply and Controlled Issuance: At the genesis of Teritori, the network will introduce an initial supply of 200 million TORI tokens. These tokens will be allocated among Airdrop beneficiaries, a community pool, and a strategic reserve, all of which play vital roles in the network’s development.

Inspired by Bitcoin’s Halving: Drawing inspiration from Bitcoin’s halving mechanism, TORI token issuance will follow a unique schedule known as the “thirdening.” This schedule involves reducing the rate of token issuance by one-third (⅓) each year.

Gradual Reduction in Token Issuance: In the inaugural year, a total of 300 million TORI tokens will be issued. Following this, every 365 days, the token issuance rate will decrease significantly. As a result, in the second year, only 200 million tokens will be released. In the third year, the issuance will further decrease, resulting in a total of 133 million tokens being released.

This controlled issuance strategy ensures that the network starts with a relatively higher inflation rate and progressively reduces it over time. It aims to strike a balance between network security, community incentives, and maintaining the long-term value and scarcity of TORI tokens.

Based on proposal 33, 100% of the inApp generated fees that are not TORI but other IBC denoms (ATOM and more coming later) from:
NFT launchpad (5% to 10% of each mint).
NFT marketplace (2% of each sale).
The R!ot (TORI) P2E breeding (XYZ ATOM per breeding).
Are 100% used for TORI buy back so the bought back TORI are split as the following:
Burn 60% of them.
Redistribute 40% of them in the Usage Incentive pool.


TORI is the governance and utility token of the Teritori blockchain, playing a pivotal role in the ecosystem’s growth and governance. Here’s an in-depth look at the TORI token and its significance:

1. Governance and Decision-Making:

  • TORI serves as the primary tool for decentralized decision-making within the Teritori Network.
  • Token holders have the power to vote on critical strategic directions for the network through the Teritori DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization).

2. Community Fund Control:

  • The Teritori DAO manages the community fund, where important decisions regarding grants and blockchain updates are made.
  • Future bounties will also be subject to DAO voting in a subsequent phase.
  • Contributors can propose and vote on the integration and listing of new dApps and features in the Teritori Store.

3. Utility Across the Ecosystem:

  • TORI is a versatile utility token used to access and interact with various dApps and services within the Teritori ecosystem.
  • It facilitates participation in the ecosystem’s activities and transactions.

4. Token Release Schedule:

  • Initially, TORI experiences high inflation. The genesis supply of TORI is set at 200 million tokens, distributed among Airdrop beneficiaries, a community pool, and a strategic reserve for network development.
  • TORI token issuance follows a “thirdening” schedule, similar to Bitcoin’s halving.
  • In the first year, 300 million tokens are issued, reducing by ⅓ each subsequent year.
  • This controlled issuance strategy aims to maintain token value and scarcity.

5. Token Distribution:

  • Newly released tokens are distributed based on specific allocations:
    • Staking Rewards: 40% – Rewards for validators and delegators securing the network.
    • Usage Incentive: 25% – Incentives for users across different dApps.
    • Developer Vesting: 15% – Reserved for the development team with a vesting period of 4 years.
    • Grants Program: 10% – Funding for individuals and organizations developing projects on the Teritori ecosystem, with additional technical and marketing support.
    • Community Pool: 10% – Controlled by Teritori DAO governance, supporting community initiatives and ecosystem growth.

6. Strategic Reserve:

  • An initial allocation of 80 million TORI is set aside in a strategic reserve, overseen by a multisig DAO.
  • The reserve funds initiatives through grants, supports validators through delegations, and aligns with long-term strategic partners.
  • It does not engage in market selling or network control, emphasizing its role in ecosystem development.

7. Empowering Validators and Delegators:

  • Validators and delegators, essential for network security, receive 40% of newly released tokens as staking rewards.
  • The top 100 validators, chosen by the highest delegation amount, play a crucial role in network consensus.

8. Developer Rewards:

  • 15% of released tokens are vested developer rewards, non-transferable until fully released over 4 years.
  • These rewards motivate the development team to contribute to the ecosystem’s long-term success.

9. Teritori Grants Program:

  • 10% of tokens are dedicated to the Teritori Grants program, fostering innovation by providing funding and support to individuals and organizations.

10. Community Empowerment: – The community pool, funded by 10% of newly released tokens, promotes community engagement and ecosystem growth. – Teritori DAO governance oversees these funds, enabling community-driven initiatives from day one.

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