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What Is A Nameserver?

When discussing nameservers in the context of Web3, the concept slightly evolves from its traditional role in the DNS (Domain Name System) used in Web2. In Web3, which is built on blockchain technology and emphasizes decentralization, nameservers still serve the function of mapping human-readable names to addresses, but these addresses are often blockchain addresses instead of traditional IP addresses.

Web3 incorporates blockchain-based domain names, such as those ending in .crypto, .eth, and others. These domains are often part of a decentralized domain name service like Ethereum Name Service (ENS) or Unstoppable Domains. In this case it is .tori

The first thing you can do when joining Teritori is creating a decentralized user profile by booking a Teritori Name Service and get your first .tori handle.
You can book a TNS for your individual profile and you can also do the same for your organization by either book it with your personal address before creating your organization or booking it directly when you create your organization. TNS are NFTs that can also be listed and traded on Teritori NFT Marketplace.

Creating a Dynamic Teritori Name Service (TNS) Profile

When you set up your TNS, it’s not just a username; it becomes a comprehensive digital identity on the Teritori platform. Here’s how you can personalize and utilize your TNS profile:

  1. Personalization Options:

    • Basic Information: Add your name, bio, and contact details, including email and website URLs.
    • Social Media Integration: Link your profile to social networks like Twitter, Discord, and Telegram for broader connectivity.
    • Visual Identity: Upload an avatar and banner image URLs to visually represent your persona.
    • Professional Links: Include your Keybase.io and Validator Address for professional networking within the blockchain community.
  2. Editable Profile:

    • You have the freedom to update your profile anytime using the “Edit profile” button, ensuring your information remains current and relevant.
  3. Profile Tabs for Enhanced Interaction:

    • Posts: Display your contributions to the Teritori Social Feed.
    • NFTs: Showcase your NFT collection, highlighting your taste and investment in digital art.
    • Quests: Present your achievements and milestones reached on Teritori, demonstrating your engagement and expertise.
    • Mentions: Track your influence and interactions across the Teritori Social Feed.
    • Organizations: List your affiliations, emphasizing your collaborative and community involvement.
  4. Organizational Tabs for DAOs:

    • Funds: An overview of assets in the DAO treasury, reflecting financial health and resource management.
    • Members: A roster of DAO participants, fostering a sense of community and collaboration.
    • Proposals: Monitor active and historical proposals, providing transparency and encouraging participation.
  5. Future Expansion:

    • Anticipate new tabs that will spotlight your roles, freelance services, and Pathwar challenges, adding depth to your profile.
    • Flexibility to choose which tabs are visible, giving you control over your public and private persona.
  6. Privacy and Control:

    • The platform respects your privacy choices, allowing you to manage the visibility of your information. This empowers you to control your digital footprint and public perception.
  7. Community and Networking:

    • Your TNS profile isn’t just about individual expression; it’s a gateway for community interaction, professional networking, and showcasing your journey in the Teritori ecosystem.
  8. Engagement and Reputation:

    • The profile serves as a testament to your engagement and reputation within the Teritori network, helping you build credibility and influence.
  9. Dynamic Integration:

    • As the Teritori ecosystem evolves, expect your TNS profile to become more integrated with emerging technologies and platforms, keeping you at the forefront of digital identity innovation.
  10. Seamless Experience:

  • The user-friendly interface ensures a smooth experience in managing and updating your profile, encouraging continual engagement with the Teritori community.

In conclusion, your TNS profile on Teritori is more than just a digital identity. It’s a comprehensive and dynamic tool that enables you to showcase your involvement in the Teritori ecosystem, connect with others, and manage your digital presence effectively. Whether you’re a casual user, a digital artist, a blockchain enthusiast, or a professional looking to expand your network, the TNS profile provides a platform for growth, expression, and connection in the ever-evolving world of Web3 and decentralized communities. As Teritori continues to evolve, your TNS profile will become an increasingly vital part of your online identity and activities, offering new ways to engage and showcase your contributions and achievements.

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