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Getting Started with Teritori’s Decentralized Social Platform

A “social feed” within the context of Teritori and TORI represents a decentralized platform or feature that mirrors the functionality of traditional social media platforms like Facebook or others. However, it operates on the blockchain, offering a decentralized and user-centric experience.

In the world of Teritori and TORI, a “social feed” is a digital space where TORI token holders and members of the Teritori community come together to share content, interact, and build connections. It bears a resemblance to popular centralized social media platforms like Facebook or X but with a significant difference—it’s decentralized.

Key Features of Teritori’s Decentralized Social Feed:

  1. User-Centric Experience:

    • Unlike traditional social media platforms that often treat users as commodities by collecting and selling their data, Teritori’s decentralized social feed is designed to empower users. Here, users have control over their data, interactions, and content.
  2. Data Ownership and Privacy:

    • In this decentralized system, individuals retain ownership of their data. No central authority or corporation profits from user data. Users can trust that their privacy and information are respected.
  3. Blockchain-Based Infrastructure:

    • The social feed operates on the blockchain, ensuring transparency, security, and immutability of content. Every interaction and piece of content is recorded on the blockchain, making it tamper-proof.
  4. Peer-to-Peer Connectivity:

    • Users connect directly with each other in a peer-to-peer manner. There’s no intermediary controlling or monitoring conversations. It’s a true digital community driven by its members.
  5. Content Sharing:

    • Similar to centralized platforms, users can post a wide range of content, including text, images, videos, and links. Sharing knowledge, experiences, and updates is at the core of the platform.
  6. Interactions and Engagement:

    • Users can engage with posts by liking, commenting, or sharing them. These interactions foster meaningful discussions and connections within the Teritori community.
  7. Content Discovery:

    • The platform uses hashtags and search features to help users discover content that aligns with their interests. This ensures that users can find and engage with relevant posts and discussions.
  8. Community Building:

    • Teritori’s social feed isn’t just a platform for individual expression; it’s a place to build and nurture communities around shared interests, such as TORI-related topics or Teritori events.
  9. Decentralized Governance:

    • The social feed may integrate decentralized governance features, allowing users to have a say in the platform’s rules, policies, and future developments. It’s a democratic approach to platform management.

The Promise of Decentralization:

The core principle of this decentralized social feed is to return power and control to the people. In traditional social media, users are often unaware of how their data is used and monetized. However, in this decentralized system, individuals are not the product; they are the architects of their digital experience.

By operating on the blockchain and adhering to decentralization principles, Teritori’s social feed offers a transparent, secure, and community-driven alternative to centralized social media platforms. It’s a step toward a more user-centric and privacy-conscious digital future where individuals regain sovereignty over their online presence and interactions.

  1. Explore the Interface:

    • Begin by exploring the Teritori Social Feed, a decentralized hub for sharing and engaging with diverse content. Familiarize yourself with its user-friendly interface using your Teritori user profile.
  2. Discover Content through Tabs:

    • Navigate through the different tabs to experience the variety of content.
      • Jungle News Feed: A comprehensive aggregation of all published content.
      • Sound Feed: Dedicated to audio files, from music to podcasts.
      • Video & Pic Feed: A visual journey through videos and images.
      • Articles Feed: For in-depth reads with enhanced layout options.
  • Governance Feed: (Coming soon) This will be a specialized space where you can participate in the governance of the organizations you’re part of, making your voice heard in important decisions.

Crafting Your First Post

Ready to Post:

    • Once you’re comfortable with the feed’s functionalities, it’s time to make your mark. Your first post is an opportunity to introduce yourself or share your thoughts.

Post Creation Tools:

      • Utilize the array of tools to enrich your post:
        • GIFs: Add dynamism to your posts with GIFs from Tenor.
        • Emojis: Express emotions and reactions with the smiley icon.
        • Sound Files: Share audio clips or music using the music note icon.
        • Videos and Images: Bring your posts to life with visual elements.
        • Article Creation: For more substantial content, select “Create an Article” to access advanced features like a cover image, multiple image insertions, and rich text formatting including headings, quotes, and text styling.

Using Hashtags for Visibility:

    • Incorporate relevant hashtags like “#gnoland” to categorize your content, making it easily discoverable by others interested in similar topics.

Publishing and Interacting on the Blockchain

Publishing Your Content:

    • When your post is ready, hit the “Publish” button. A Keplr pop-up will prompt you to approve the transaction, ensuring your content is securely and immutably posted on the Teritori blockchain.

Engaging with the Community:

    • Once published, your content becomes a part of the Teritori Social Feed, open for interaction and engagement from the community. Engage with comments, share insights, or start discussions.

Expanding Your Reach and Interaction

Regular Posting:

    • Regularly share your thoughts, experiences, or updates to establish a presence on the platform and engage with the community.

Collaborative Opportunities:

    • Look out for collaborative opportunities, be it in discussions, content creation, or even community-led projects.

Exploring and Contributing to Governance:

    • With the upcoming Governance Feed, prepare to delve deeper into the workings of DAOs and organizations on Teritori, contributing your voice to shape the future of the platform.


Teritori Social Feed offers a rich, decentralized platform for self-expression, community engagement, and collaborative governance. By utilizing its diverse posting tools and participating in its various feeds, you have the opportunity to be part of a vibrant community, shaping the content landscape and contributing to the governance in the Web3 era. Whether you’re sharing your latest thoughts, engaging in discussions, or participating in governance, Teritori provides a unique and secure space for all your expressive needs. As you become more active, your influence and connections within the Teritori community will grow, opening up new avenues for collaboration, creativity, and impact. Remember, every post, every interaction, contributes to the decentralized narrative of Teritori, making it a dynamic and ever-evolving platform powered by its users. So go ahead, publish your first post, engage with the community, and become an integral part of this innovative social ecosystem. If you want to learn more feel free to read there whitepaper.

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