Introduction to The R!ot on Teritori

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The R!ot is an innovative Play-to-Earn (P2E) game set in a dystopian 2070. It features a collection of mutable NFTs on multiple blockchains, including Teritori, Ethereum, and Solana. The game’s narrative revolves around players, known as Rippers, battling against The Legion Club (TLC) – a controlling elite group.

Key Features:

  1. Multi-Chain Integration: The R!ot operates across Teritori, Ethereum, and Solana networks, fostering a diverse player base.

  2. NFTs and Gameplay:

    • Initial Supply: 3000 Gen0 NFTs on Teritori, 1510 Gen0 on Ethereum.
    • Breeding System: Capable of expanding to 10,500 NFTs.
    • Royalties: Set at 8%.
  3. P2E Mechanics:

    • Players earn TORI tokens through gameplay, which involves expanding their team and evolving NFTs.
    • The initial stage includes a staking mechanism, with future plans for a full-fledged multiplayer combat system.
  4. Ripper Traits and Points:

    • Traits include Stamina, Luck, and Protection, influencing gameplay elements like staking duration and combat performance.
    • Trait points are immutable, but can be enhanced through breeding, mystery boxes, and in-game purchases.
  5. Seasonal Gameplay:

    • Each season focuses on a different TLC leader as the boss.
    • Players cooperate to defeat these bosses, earning rewards based on their leaderboard rankings.
  6. Utility and Rewards:

    • Utilities include whitelist spots, NFT raffles, and early access to Teritori features.
    • Rewards are based on player performance, with the potential to earn more by staking and participating in fights.

You learn more in details by reading the litepaper on R!OT.


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