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The Teritori Freelance Gigs Marketplace is a decentralized platform that empowers freelancers and organizations to collaborate, monetize their skills, and access job opportunities within the Teritori ecosystem. Here’s everything you need to know about the Teritori Freelance Gigs Marketplace. 


The Teritori Freelance Gigs Marketplace is designed to provide a user-friendly, blockchain-based alternative to traditional web2 freelance platforms. It leverages the advantages of blockchain technology to create a transparent, efficient, and trust-based environment for freelancers and employers.

Key Features and Components:

  1. Onchain Rating System: One of the core features of the marketplace is its on-chain rating system. Users can build their social proof and trust within the Teritori community by receiving and providing ratings and reviews for completed gigs. This system enhances transparency and helps users make informed decisions when selecting freelancers or employers.

  2. Escrow Smart Contracts: To ensure the security of transactions, the marketplace employs escrow smart contracts. These contracts hold the payment for a gig in escrow until the agreed-upon work is completed to the satisfaction of both parties. This reduces the risk of disputes and fraud.

  3. DAO Arbitration: In case of disputes between freelancers and employers that cannot be resolved through standard communication, the marketplace incorporates a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) capable of acting as an arbitrator. The DAO can make decisions and facilitate fair resolutions.

  4. Diverse Gig Categories: The marketplace offers a wide range of gig categories, catering to various skills and services. Freelancers can offer their expertise in areas such as web development, design, writing, marketing, and more. Employers can find the right talent for their specific needs.

  5. Community-Driven: Teritori places a strong emphasis on community involvement and decision-making. As the platform evolves, users will have the opportunity to participate in governance and influence the direction of the marketplace.

How It Works:

  • Registration: Users can create accounts on the Teritori Freelance Gigs Marketplace, providing information about their skills, services, and work experience.

  • Posting Gigs: Freelancers can create gig listings, specifying the scope of work, pricing, and delivery time. Employers can browse these listings and select freelancers based on their requirements.

  • Escrow and Payment: When an employer selects a freelancer for a gig, the agreed-upon payment is placed in an escrow smart contract. The freelancer completes the work, and upon approval by the employer, the funds are released from escrow to the freelancer.

  • Rating and Reviews: After the gig is completed, both parties have the opportunity to rate and review each other. This feedback contributes to the on-chain reputation of users.

  • Dispute Resolution: In case of disputes, the DAO arbitration system can be invoked to resolve issues and ensure a fair outcome.

Future Developments:

Teritori is committed to enhancing the Freelance Gigs Marketplace by introducing new features, improving user experience, and expanding its capabilities. As the platform grows, it aims to become a leading hub for freelancers and employers within the blockchain ecosystem. 

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