What is Cosmos Hub?

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Cosmos Hub is a crucial part of the Cosmos Network, which is a network of independent blockchains. Think of Cosmos as an internet of blockchains, designed to allow different blockchains to communicate and transact with each other seamlessly. Now, here’s where the Cosmos Hub comes into play:

  1. The Hub: Cosmos Hub is like the central station in this network. It’s a blockchain itself, but its main job is to connect various blockchains (called “zones”) in the Cosmos ecosystem.

  2. Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC): The Hub uses a protocol called IBC to enable these different blockchains to interact. Imagine it as a universal translator, allowing blockchains with different languages (protocols) to understand each other.

  3. Security and Trust: The Hub also plays a role in maintaining security and trust across the network. It doesn’t govern other blockchains but provides a layer of security through its validators.

  4. ATOM Token: The native token of the Cosmos Hub is ATOM. It’s used for transaction fees, staking, and governance on the Cosmos Hub.

Think of Cosmos Hub as an airport and the other blockchains as destinations. The airport doesn’t control the destinations but offers a space for airplanes (transactions) to land and take off, facilitating travel (communication) between different places (blockchains).

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