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Great, let’s explore Tendermint, the consensus mechanism used in Cosmos. Understanding Tendermint is key to grasping how validators work in the Cosmos ecosystem. 

  1. What is Tendermint?

    • Tendermint is a Byzantine Fault Tolerant (BFT) consensus algorithm. This means it can continue to operate correctly even if some of the validators (up to one-third) act maliciously or are faulty.
    • It separates the blockchain’s application layer (what transactions mean) from the consensus layer (how transactions are agreed upon). This makes it highly versatile and adaptable.
  2. Consensus Process in Tendermint

    • Propose: A validator is randomly selected to propose a new block. The right to propose is rotated among validators and is weighted by the amount of stake they hold.
    • Pre-Vote: Other validators then ‘pre-vote’ for the proposed block. They check the validity of the transactions in the block. If a validator doesn’t receive the proposed block in time or finds it invalid, it pre-votes ‘nil’.
    • Pre-Commit: If more than two-thirds of validators pre-vote for the same block, they move to the ‘pre-commit’ phase, indicating their intention to commit to this block. If not, a new round starts, possibly with a different proposer.
    • Commit: A block is committed and added to the blockchain once more than two-thirds of validators pre-commit to it. The network then moves on to the next block.
  3. Safety and Finality

    • Tendermint ensures that as long as more than two-thirds of validators are honest, the network remains secure.
    • It provides instant finality. Once a block is committed, it can’t be reversed, which is a significant advantage over other consensus mechanisms like Proof of Work (PoW) where reversals can occur (though rarely) in chain reorganizations.
  4. Accountability

    • Validators who act maliciously or go offline are penalized, usually by losing a portion of their staked tokens. This keeps the network secure and promotes validator reliability.
  5. Efficiency and Speed

    • Tendermint can handle a higher transaction throughput compared to PoW and achieves faster block times, making it suitable for many real-world applications.
  6. Governance Integration

    • Tendermint is designed to work seamlessly with on-chain governance, allowing stakeholders to vote on proposals that could affect network parameters, upgrades, or other changes.

Imagine Tendermint as a democratic parliament where each member (validator) has a vote. Proposals (blocks) are made, debated (pre-vote and pre-commit), and passed (committed) in a way that ensures representation and security, even if some members are untrustworthy.

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