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Cosmos Validators: Game-Changing Approaches to Enhance Your Cosmos Validator Decisions
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In Cosmos, validators have a few unique responsibilities and functions, given the network’s distinct structure and goals:

  1. Validating Transactions: Just like in other blockchains, validators in Cosmos verify the legitimacy and correctness of transactions. They ensure that the transactions adhere to the network rules and are processed correctly.

  2. Participating in Consensus (Tendermint): Cosmos uses a consensus mechanism called Tendermint. Validators in Cosmos take part in this process by proposing blocks and voting on them. Their votes are weighted based on their stake in the network.

  3. Securing the Network: Validators in Cosmos stake their own tokens (ATOMs, in the case of the Cosmos Hub) as collateral. This stake is used to weigh their votes in the consensus process. If they act maliciously or fail to fulfill their duties, they risk losing a portion of their stake, which adds a layer of security to the network.

  4. Governance: Validators also play a role in governance decisions on the Cosmos Hub. They can propose changes, vote on proposals, and help decide on the direction and updates of the network. Their voting power in governance is proportional to their staked tokens.

  5. Facilitating Inter-blockchain Communication (IBC): One of the unique aspects of Cosmos is its focus on interoperability. Validators facilitate this by ensuring that the cross-chain communication is secure and reliable, adhering to the IBC protocol standards.

  6. Maintaining Network Integrity: Validators in Cosmos are expected to run a full-node, maintain a high level of uptime, and update their systems as required to keep the network stable and secure.

  7. Earning Rewards and Fees: For their services, validators earn rewards in the form of newly minted ATOM tokens and transaction fees. This incentivizes them to perform their duties effectively and honestly.

In Cosmos, validators are like the pillars of a bridge, supporting the structure (the Cosmos Hub) and ensuring safe passage (transaction and communication) between different parts of the ecosystem (various blockchains).

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