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Introduction To Migaloo
Who, what, when is migaloo. Named after a famous whale, Migaloo has grown up from an app chain to hosting its own Blockchain. Lets Dive in and learn more.
Migaloo: The Epicenter of Interchain Liquidity Solutions
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Racoon Bet, as part of the Migaloo ecosystem, has established itself as a notable entity in the blockchain gaming and gambling sector. Here’s an overview of what Racoon Bet has built on the Migaloo blockchain:

  1. Gaming and Gambling Platform: Racoon Bet is recognized as a prominent gaming and gambling application within the Cosmos ecosystem. It offers a variety of engaging games like slots, dice, lottery, and dungeon, all operating within the blockchain environment. This setup ensures a decentralized and transparent gaming experience.

  2. Development Contributions: The team behind Racoon Bet, known as Racoon Supply, has been involved in creating a range of on-chain games, Play To Earn NFT games, and an NFT marketplace. Their contributions extend beyond gaming, encompassing various smart contracts and applications that enhance the overall functionality and appeal of the Migaloo blockchain.

  3. Shark Protocol: One of the notable developments from Racoon Supply is the Shark Protocol. This project is designed as a price prediction market protocol within the White Whale and Migaloo ecosystems. It includes features like interactive live chats, unique UI, and charts, and allows users to bet on the price movements of various cryptocurrencies. Shark Protocol aims to attract a broad user base and increase on-chain activity.

  4. Racoon NFTs: Racoon Supply has also introduced Racoon NFTs, which govern the Racoon.bet gaming platform. These NFTs were created using deep learning models and have a distinct style, contributing to the uniqueness and diversity of the blockchain’s offerings.

  5. $RAC Token: The $RAC token is a significant part of Racoon Supply’s ecosystem. It functions both as a governance token and an asset used across all their products. This token plays a crucial role in the platform’s operations, including staking and dApp buybacks.

  6. Custom dApps and Smart Contracts: Beyond gaming, Racoon Supply specializes in creating custom decentralized applications (dApps) and smart contracts. Their expertise in automation and web3 app development is a valuable asset to the Migaloo ecosystem.

  7. Discord

Through these contributions, Racoon Bet and Racoon Supply have become integral to the Migaloo ecosystem, providing both entertainment and technical advancements. Their development efforts enhance the user experience on the Migaloo blockchain, offering diverse and innovative applications.

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