Let’s Dive into the Cool SAIL Program!

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Introduction To Migaloo
Who, what, when is migaloo. Named after a famous whale, Migaloo has grown up from an app chain to hosting its own Blockchain. Lets Dive in and learn more.
Migaloo: The Epicenter of Interchain Liquidity Solutions
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Hey Blockchain Enthusiasts! Let’s Dive into the Cool SAIL Program!

Alright, folks, let’s talk about something super exciting in the blockchain world – the White Whale SAIL Program. It’s like the cool new kid on the block that everyone wants to hang out with. Before we jump into SAIL, remember the RIDE Program? That was all about helping blockchain protocols become the next big thing with cross-chain magic. Think new markets, loads of liquidity, and a whole bunch of smart people sharing their smarts. Thanks to RIDE, stars like Eris Protocol and Backbone Labs are rocking the blockchain stage.

Now, let’s talk challenges. Building a blockchain community is like throwing a massive party – you need cool people, enough drinks (aka liquidity), and some killer tunes (DeFi and NFT apps). Doing it all alone? Tough stuff. That’s where SAIL comes in, standing on RIDE’s shoulders, offering a helping hand to blockchain communities.

Why SAIL is the Talk of the Town

  • Get VIP Access: Rub elbows with the RIDE rockstars who can set up shop on your chain in no time.
  • White Whale: These guys are trailblazers with their Migaloo blockchain. It’s all about cross-chain staking and already making waves on five mainnets. Plus, they’ve got a DEX, flash loans, and cool arbitrage stuff.
  • Backbone Labs: The big boss of NFTs on Terra and a rad P2P trading platform. Also, they’re into liquid-staking on four chains. Talk about multitasking!
  • Eris Protocol: They’re the liquid staking wizards on seven chains and have some nifty DeFi tricks up their sleeve.
  • Raccoon: King of NFTs on Chihuahua and the go-to for games and gambling on three chains.

Why You Gotta Join SAIL

  • Speedy Setups: No more waiting around. The RIDE group gets things moving fast, giving your blockchain a super boost.
  • Grow Your Tribe: Attract a bunch of cool cats from all over the blockchain world.
  • Get That Cash Flowing: More apps mean more action and deeper liquidity on your blockchain.
  • Token Spotlight: Get your token out there on White Whale’s networks and even make it a star on Migaloo.
  • Cross-Chain Love: The RIDE group doesn’t play favorites. They’ll spread the good vibes across chains.

How to Hop on Board the SAIL Ship

Wanna join the party? Here’s the lowdown:

  • Get a Grant: Help the RIDE group help you. It’s like buying a round for your new friends.
  • Bring the Liquidity: Splash some community-owned liquidity into the mix for Backbone Labs and Eris Protocol on the White Whale DEX.
  • Incentivize: Dangle some carrots to attract liquidity to key pools.
  • Joint Marketing: Team up to shout out about your cool new alliance.
  • Token Utility: Make RIDE Group tokens feel at home in your ecosystem.

Set Sail with SAIL

Ready for an adventure? SAIL is your ticket to exciting new horizons in the blockchain universe. Get in touch and let’s make your blockchain project the next big sensation!


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