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By Phillip

Greetings from Blue Collar Crypto! I'm Phillip Simon, the founder and driving force behind our blockchain venture. My enduring fascination with blockchain technology, coupled with a strong entrepreneurial spirit, led me to establish Blue Collar Crypto. Our primary mission? To combat the rampant scams and disinformation plaguing the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry. Through education, we arm individuals with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions, protect their hard-earned assets, and channel their investments toward genuinely deserving blockchain projects. Beyond my involvement in the crypto space, my family holds immense importance in my life. I'm dedicated to leaving a legacy of responsible blockchain use for my children. Join me on this exhilarating journey as we navigate the intricacies of blockchain, expand our horizons, and collectively drive positive change.

Warm regards,
Phillip Simon
Founder, Blue Collar Crypto

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